How to Land the Best UX/UI Designer Jobs

Finding clients is a nerve-wracking and stressful process for most designers. As creatives, we're trained to do the design behind the UX/UI designer jobs; client-seeking wasn't a class in design school. So, how do we present ourselves as business saavy and the best one for the job? 🤔

How to Land the Best UX/UI Designer Jobs

Finding where the best UX/UI designer jobs are posted is usually the first thing new freelancers worry about. Once they dip their toes into the freelance world, however, they see that landing high-paying UX/UI designer jobs is much harder than finding them.

As more designers decide to throw their hats in the freelance ring, competition rises. Regardless of where you are in your career in design, distinguishing yourself from hundreds of other freelancers is tough in the digital realm.

Not landing the freelance design gigs you apply to can do more than hurt your bottom line; it can lead to a decline in your self-confidence that goes on to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Confidence is 🔑!

During the client-seeking stage, confidence is key. Your confidence in your skills will transfer to your clients, giving them the reassurance they need to hire you. Of course, landing the best UX/UI designer jobs out there doesn’t simply boil down to a confident attitude. It’s just the first step!

How to land high-paying UX/UI designer jobs

The art of landing great clients as a freelance UX/UI designer is like all art forms: something that can be learned. There are tons of helpful tips online, though don’t let those distract you from the most important aspect of an interview: the element of you.

No matter what profession you’re in, you need to know – and demonstrate – your value as a professional.

As a UX/UI designer, you can use your design portfolio to establish your professional experience and your design style. It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Clients are going to hire you for who you are, so make sure to show them how you solve problems in your way (expert tip: a case study is a must-have).

how to be confident in ux ui designer jobs
Being confident in yourself will open doors for you. Leave the perfectionism behind!

So, how can you put your best foot forward and show clients why you should be the one to win their freelance UX designer job?

Articulate your design process

To be considered a top candidate for UX/UI designer jobs, you have to know how to speak professionally about what you can do for your potential client.

Clients ask questions to gauge the way you see their problem. They want to know how you would approach their project – and whether you have the know-how to deliver.

When clients ask about your design process, they’re evaluating your skills as a UX/UI designer.

So, when a client asks you about your expertise, it’s best to stay professional and articulate about what you do best. You may want to present a friendly face, but you don’t need to dumb down or diminish your professional outlook to do so.

Communicating your approach to design work is a skill, and as such, it can be learned! If your career in design is just starting, articulating your UX design process will give you the authority and credibility your client is looking for.

Knowing what you do best as a UX/UI designer can also help you create an inspiring, authoritative voice to use in your portfolio or professional website.

Skill up if you feel under-qualified

You might be unfamiliar with some of the software or tasks listed on a freelance UX designer job posting. Instead of self-rejecting, brushing up on your skills could help you land the gig.

Rapidly learning new skills to boost your professional background, or skilling up, is a great way to keep your skill set competitive. For UX/UI designer jobs, skilling up could be learning about user psychology, A/B testing, or new design software.

There are a few free platforms where it’s easy for job-seeking designers to learn the skills needed to land the best UX/UI designer jobs, such as Udacity or Learn Anything.

If you can’t find an online course to suit your skill needs, get in contact with a digital design community. Design clubs are great places to ask for advice, get insider tips, and even find a mentor.

Other tips for landing UX/UI designer jobs

While the most important element of a job interview will always be you, that doesn’t mean that other freelance job tips can’t help as well.

Incorporating these tactics will help you land more UX/UI designer jobs:

  1. Play the numbers game with proposals. The more you send, the better the likelihood of you getting hired.
  2. Advertise high rates, propose low rates. If your pricing is public, sending a proposal with a lower rate than shown will give clients the idea that a) they’re getting a great deal and b) you really want to work with them!
  3. Organize job postings by most recent. Clients get inundated with proposals and stop browsing after a certain number. Get in first for better odds.
  4. Try out a video proposal. Take advantage of the latest technology and pitch your services in a personalized video. Bonus points for doing a shared-screen recording and applying your method to the client’s website directly!

If you’re still struggling to lock down one of the many UX/UI designer jobs out there, reach out to a design community! Getting support from a professional community of designers will make all the difference in your career in design.

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