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For your consumer product you'll need

Industrial Designer

An industrial designer is a professional who uses their creativity and technical skills to design functional and visually appealing products, considering user needs and manufacturing processes.

3D Modeller


A 3D modeller is a digital artist who creates three-dimensional computer models, specializing in objects, characters, or environments, using software to bring them to life in various industries like film, video games, and architecture.

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What are Consumer Goods?

Consumer goods, or simply products we buy for personal use, cover everything from your morning cereal to the smartphone you use all day. When we talk about the consumer of goods, we're referring to anyone who spends money on things that make life easier or more enjoyable. The term "consumer goods definition" points to items designed for direct consumption or ownership, distinguishing them from products used to make other goods. So, when someone asks, "What are consumer goods?" or "What is consumer goods?" the answer is pretty straightforward: they're the everyday items that fill our homes and lives, shaping our shopping habits and personal preferences.

Building Incredible Consumer Products

Consumer products are the backbone of the global economy. They come in all shapes and sizes, from smartphones to sneakers, and each product represents the culmination of countless hours of design, testing, and production. Building a consumer product is a complex process that requires a clear understanding of consumer needs, rigorous product development, and effective marketing. It begins with an idea, often driven by spotting a gap in the market or the need to improve existing products. This idea then transforms through numerous stages into a tangible product that consumers can use and benefit from.


Creating incredible consumer products demands not only a keen sense of design and functionality but also a deep comprehension of your target market. Understanding your audience and their needs is a pivotal step in designing a product that not only serves a purpose but also resonates with the user on an emotional level. Incorporating elements of design thinking - empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing - will help ensure the product will be well-received by the market. An incredible product must meet a real need, provide a simple and intuitive user experience, and deliver value consistently.

Innovative Consumer Products

AROMA 59 | Scent Re-Imagined

Raised CA$260, 696


Aroma formulated a line of fragrances representing the power and calmness of nature right at your fingertips. This consumer good changes thew ay tradition fragrance is presented, it's no longer liquid but a solid state.


Silver Pillow

Raised £43,995


The Silver Pillow is an innovative consumer good. The pillow works by cleaning it self using pure silver embedded into every part of the case. This allows for the self cleaning to take place 24 hours a day.

Adding a Product Designer to Your Team via Design Match

Scaling your resources according to project demands is crucial in a dynamic marketplace. Sometimes, you may need extra skilled hands to meet your product design goals. This is where Design Match comes in - a flexible platform designed to connect businesses with skilled designers on demand.


Design Match operates as a resource pool, providing you access to top-notch product designers from diverse backgrounds and experiences. It enables you to seamlessly add more resources to your team as and when required. All designers available through Design Match come with unique skill sets and perspectives, which can add immense value to your design process.


Adding a designer to your team via Design Match is straightforward. You specify your requirements, and Design Match will connect you with the most suitable professionals. This system gives you the flexibility to meet changing project demands without expanding your team permanently. It is cost-effective, time-efficient, and ensures that you always have the right talent working on your project.


Incorporating Design Match into your hiring process helps you deliver high-quality design work and nurtures a culture of creativity and innovation within your team. As these talented designers bring unique experiences and insights, your team can benefit from this diversity of thought, leading to innovative solutions and a dynamic work environment.

Why hire your next product designer with Design Match

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Risk Management

We take care of international compliance, vetting, legal and financial components of hiring a designer. We provide a foundation for sustainable growth.

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Our weekly billing model allows your designs to work along side the growth of your startup. There are no longterm contracts at Design Match.

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Design Match is run by designers who not only help you find the perfect match, but can provide suggestions, tools and support along the way.