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Product Designer

A digital product designer is like the architect for your app or website. They plan how everything should look and work, keeping it both good-looking and easy to use. They make sure your digital product is enjoyable and makes sense to the people using it.

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UX Researcher


A UX researcher is like a detective who finds out what your users really want. They study how people use your app or website, what they like and don't like about it. They use this information to help make your product better and more user-friendly.

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Guide to Building Outstanding Educational Apps

Educational apps have become an integral part of learning in today's tech-savvy world. They're tools that can make learning engaging, interactive, and fun for students of all ages. Building an educational app is a complex process that requires a clear understanding of educational principles, rigorous app development, and effective marketing. The idea behind an educational app often originates from a gap in the education system or the need to make learning more accessible and interactive. The idea then goes through several stages of transformation to become an application that users can benefit from.


Creating an outstanding educational app demands not just a good grasp of technology and design, but also a deep understanding of your target audience, in this case, the learners. Understanding learners and their needs is a critical step in designing an app that serves a purpose and resonates with them. Incorporating elements of design thinking - empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing - will help ensure the app is well-received by its users. An outstanding app must meet a real educational need, provide a simple and intuitive user interface, and deliver consistent educational value.

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The journey to creating a new educational app begins with conceptualization. This involves brainstorming ideas, conducting research, and outlining the core educational goals that the app will address. At this stage, it is important to allow creative freedom and not rule out any ideas as they can lead to innovative solutions.


Design and Development

Once the concept is clear, the design and development stage begins. This is where the idea is turned into a tangible product. A prototype of the app is built to test its functionality and user interface. Here, the focus is on ensuring that the app is engaging, easy to use, and effectively meets its educational goals.


Testing and Iteration

After the initial design and development, it's time to test the app and refine it based on feedback. This could involve user testing with a sample of your target audience. The feedback you receive at this stage is invaluable in improving the app and ensuring it meets the users' needs.


Launch and Evaluation

Finally, once all the feedback has been incorporated and the app meets all the predefined goals, it's time to launch it. After the launch, it's important to continuously evaluate the app's effectiveness and make updates as necessary to ensure it continues to deliver high-quality educational experiences.

Enhancing Your Educational App: Collaborating with a Designer

The process of improving your educational app can greatly benefit from collaboration with a designer. Designers bring a unique perspective to the table, focusing on the app's aesthetics, functionality, and user interface. They can help improve the look and feel of the app, making it more engaging and intuitive for users. By understanding the users' needs and testing different designs, a designer can help refine the app and enhance the overall user experience.

Augmenting Your Team with Design Match

When developing an educational app, there may be times when you need additional resources to meet your design goals. Design Match is a flexible platform that connects businesses with skilled designers on demand.


Design Match offers you a resource pool of top-notch designers from diverse backgrounds. This allows you to seamlessly add resources to your team as needed, and ensure you have the right talent for your project at all times. The process is straightforward - you specify your requirements, and Design Match connects you with suitable professionals.


By incorporating Design Match into your hiring process, you can not only deliver high-quality design work but also foster a culture of creativity and innovation within your team. This diversity of thought can lead to innovative solutions, contributing to the success of your educational app.

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