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For your tech product you'll need

Product Designer

A Product Designer for digital products is like your blueprint master. They design the look, feel, and flow of your app or website, making sure it's visually appealing, easy to navigate, and provides a smooth user experience.

UX Researcher


A UX Researcher is your user's advocate. They dig deep into how users interact with your digital product, studying their behaviors, needs, and motivations. Their insights help make your product more intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring it truly resonates with your audience.

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Creating an Exceptional Tech Product

Creating a tech product is a complex process that goes beyond coding and testing. It's about understanding user needs, applying innovative technology, and delivering solutions that provide value. Exceptional tech products are those that solve real problems, are user-friendly, and keep pace with technological advancements.


An outstanding tech product differentiates itself by combining functionality, usability, and innovation. From identifying a problem, designing a solution, and constantly refining it, every step matters in the journey of a tech product. The principles of design thinking—empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing—are key to crafting a tech product that stands out in the highly competitive tech industry.

Tech Companies with Exponential Growth

The rapid ascent of technology companies is a hallmark of our times, and at the heart of this surge are firms that have adeptly integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their fabric. These companies are reaping the benefits of AI's advanced capabilities, from streamlined operations and strategic data utilization to enhanced user experiences. This strategic edge allows them to anticipate market trends, respond with agility to customer needs, and innovate at a pace that sets a new standard for tech industry growth. As a result, companies with AI at their core are not just keeping up — they're setting the tempo for the future of technological advancement.


What founders love
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Enhancing Your Tech Product: Collaborating with Specialists

Improving your tech product can greatly benefit from collaboration with various specialists. UX/UI designers can enhance the usability and aesthetics of your product. Software engineers ensure the product's functionality and scalability. Data analysts can provide insights into user behavior to inform product enhancements, while cybersecurity experts safeguard the product from potential threats.

Boosting Your Team's Capabilities with Design Match

During the journey of developing a tech product, there might be times when you require additional resources or specific expertise. Design Match is a flexible platform designed to connect businesses with skilled professionals on demand.


Design Match provides access to a broad range of specialists, from UX/UI designers to data analysts. This allows you to add necessary resources to your team as and when needed, ensuring you have the right talent at every stage of your project. By integrating Design Match into your team building strategy, you can deliver a high-quality tech product, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within your team.

Why hire your next product designer with Design Match

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Risk Management

We take care of international compliance, vetting, legal and financial components of hiring a designer. We provide a foundation for sustainable growth.

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Our weekly billing model allows your designs to work along side the growth of your startup. There are no longterm contracts at Design Match.

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Design Match is run by designers who not only help you find the perfect match, but can provide suggestions, tools and support along the way.

Got questions?
No worries, we’ve got answers.

Usually between 3-5 days but longer for designers with highly specialized skillsets and full-time placements.
Yes, you can interview candidates for free before deciding to move forward.
We bill weekly, so you can stop your engagement anytime, as we have no long-term contracts. We offer free replacements in the case it does not work out with a designer.
Some clients start with a two-week, quarter-time (10 hours a week) engagement period to ensure it's a good fit.
Yes. At Design Match, we do not scope projects. We supply the talent at the commitment level you would like (Quarter Time, Part Time or Full Time.)
Our flexible model allows you to work with the designer as long as you'd like. We can find designers interested in a longer-term engagement for your specific project to ensure they are available during your product development. 
In doing so, you are not committing to working with the designer for any specific time. You can stop or pause your engagement at any time. 
All work product produced is owned by your company. For additional confidentiality agreements, we ask companies to provide their own non-disclosure, and our talent can sign it.