Digital Nomad & Founders Berlin – Ultimate Travel Guide

Looking for the best digital nomad berlin resource? This guide covers the best cafes in Berlin, the best coworking spaces in Berlin and digital nomad meetups in Berlin. All you need is your suitcase and laptop!

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Regarded as the hub of creativity, experimentation and individuality, Berlin is exactly the kind of place that freelancers, influencers, and on-the-go entrepreneurs find thrilling! Enriched with an open-minded aesthetic, the German capital is affordable, well-connected by public transportation, has a thriving nightlife, and caters to the luxury of great coffee shops to get your work done in style. It’s a great time to jump in on the digital nomad Berlin trend, as it’s taken over the city!

Why Berlin is great for Early Stage Founders

Being an early-stage founder is hard enough, but trying to do it in one of the most expensive cities in the world? That’s a whole other challenge.

Fortunately, Berlin is one of the most affordable capitals in Europe, which makes it an excellent option for startups and young entrepreneurs. In fact, Berlin has been ranked as the most affordable city for startups, according to a report by Startup Genome.

Not only is Berlin affordable, but it’s also home to a thriving startup ecosystem. The city is full of coworking spaces, accelerators, and incubators that offer resources and support for early-stage startups. And with a large pool of talented engineers and designers, it’s easy to find the right team to build your product.

If you’re looking for a place to start your startup, Berlin is a great option. The city offers a unique combination of affordability, talent, and infrastructure that is hard to find in other cities.

The Top 3 Digital Nomad Berlin Cafes

Being a digital nomad in Berlin is easy with the number of unique places to work in this city. Here are some fantastic digital nomad Berlin cafes if you work out of restaurants rather than cowering spaces.

WestBerlin Kaffee – A Great Café to Work from in West Berlin

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You can visit Checkpoint Charlie when you take a break!

A hip café enriched with a sleek, modern design, Westberlin is the perfect spot for early birds who can kickstart their work from 8:30 am. Plus, they serve a wide variety of specialty coffee to ensure you have the correct dose of caffeine to keep on working! P.S. The café features a fantastic collection of magazines and weekly journals, so be careful not to get distracted.  

Hallesches Haus – Strong Wi-Fi Café for Digital Nomad Berlin

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Honestly, office goals!

A beautiful, trendy workplace adorned by an inviting mix of wooden tables and an interior light setting, Hallesches Haus caters to a slightly industrial feel, making it stand out from the rest. Add strong Wi-Fi and soft electronic music thumping in the background, and Hallesches makes a postcard-perfect place to get work done for freelancers in Berlin.

Schankwirtschaft Laidak  – Cozy Café to Work from in Berlin

Here’s a casual café loaded with an edgy, laid-back ambience. Open every day from noon, Schankwirtschaft is excellent for late risers. With a relaxed atmosphere, comfy chairs, cheap drinks, and a distinct Berlin energy, Schankwirtschaft Laidak is a super cozy place to be productive. This café is in Neukoelln, a punk area of Berlin where people aren’t judged by their appearances. The accepting atmosphere makes this a cozy café to work from in Berlin.

The Best Co-working Spaces in Berlin

Not all freelancers have an easy time concentrating in a café. If that’s you, don’t worry! We found the best co-working spaces in Berlin to share with our digital nomad Berlin. Remember, these spaces usually require a fee to enter (if not a subscription).

digital nomad berlin
Get your own desk space and start at one of these co-working spaces in Berlin.
Photographer: CoWomen | Source: Unsplash

CO 23 – The Perfect Space for the Digital Nomad Berlin

Co 23 provides more than 100 square meters of workspace for the creative minds of all fields. Even though it isn’t stretching, the services offered by Co 23 makes this the perfect space for the digital nomad. From five-day packages per week to an everyday pass for a month, Co 23 caters to the specific needs of each digital nomad in Berlin. Laser printers, conference rooms, and unlimited coffee are just a few other reasons this space made a list. 

Launch/CO – Comfortable Coworking Berlin

Nestled in the parish of an archaic Church, Launch/CO offers a professional yet comfortable environment to work.  The space provides state-of-the-art business amenities like meeting rooms and a kitchen, from shared working desks to private rooms. What’s more? It offers complete, guest, or half plans to tailor to the varying needs of each customer. The subscription pricing is fair and flexible, which is another reason why this is such a comfortable co-working space in Berlin!

P.S. With the prime membership, one can access the space 24/7.

The Best SIM Card to Get in Berlin

It’s easy to see which is the best SIM card to get in Berlin: Aldi Talk! The German discount grocery chain offers Aldi Talk, the most affordable network provider in Germany. With an impressive range of data plans, it delights customers with free talk-time and messages! Packet S, for example, is the cheapest plan that offers 1.5 GB of data and unlimited SMS and calls at €7.99 for four weeks. Aldi Talk is perfect for your freelance travel and can be bought anywhere, which is ideal for the on-the-go digital nomad in Berlin.

What’s more? You can purchase ‘Internet access only’ plans, with the cheapest plan starting at €3.99 for four weeks (Internet Packet S, 500 MB data).

How to Get Around in Berlin

Berlin is an enormous city, but it is served by a comprehensive network of public transportation systems. You can take the S-Bahn (elevated train), U-Bahn (underground), or a bus to maneuver the city swiftly. German transportation prides itself on punctuality, so you’ll spend too long trying to figure out how to get around in Berlin!

digital nomad berlin
Photographer: Soroush Karimi | Source: Unsplash

P.S. All of these conveniences use the same fare system. While an AB ticket (2.60€) is valid for a single journey (2 hours), it’s only good in one direction. You can buy a day pass (6.70€) if you plan more than two daily trips.

REMEMBER: After you buy your tickets from any U-Bahn or S-Bahn station, punch them with the ticket-validating machine before you board!

Alternately, you can use pick-up service applications like MyTaxi. Similar to the state banned-Uber, the app allows you to book cabs driven by high-rated drivers, track the journey and pay right on the phone within just a few minutes. 

Average Price for a Month via Airbnb Berlin

One can rent a private room in Berlin via Airbnb for between $800 and $1,800 a month. One thing about Berlin is that they have restrictions against renting a whole flat on Airbnb, so you’ll have to search out a single room. Still, we love Airbnb for digital nomad Berlin accommodations because it’s super flexible! While the average monthly price via Airbnb in Berlin is expensive, as digital nomads, our plans change quickly, so we can move on easily when we want to.

Get $30 off your first Airbnb by using the link here.

digital nomad berlin
At least you’ll see fantastic street art from your Airbnb! Photographer: Pavel Nekoranec | Source: Unsplash

Pro Tip: If there’s anything Germans love, it’s paperwork. Since freelance travel is usually very fluid, it’s important to note that you’ll probably need some documentation. You will require a photocopy of your passport, bank statements and invoices from the last three months for non-vacation rental stays.

Best Bars to Go Out

Berlin is known for their unique underground culture. You’ll see that in all of the coolest and best bars to go out across the city of Berlin! No two bars are the same, which is great for digital nomads; we want to see many different parts of a city before moving on!

Dschungel – Social Bar in Berlin

Immerse yourself in a fairytale of forests and woodland, soothing lighting, and great drinks at this delightful little bar in Berlin. Open every day from 6 pm; this jungle-styled bar is adorned with plants, trees, and just enough grime to keep it edgy. It’s a whimsical place to make any workday feel more exotic, which is why it’s a highly social bar in Berlin. Their selection of live music and DJs is excellent to enjoy with friends, too.

Best Dinner Spots in Berlin

Once hunger takes over your tummy, it’s time to close the laptop and search for dinner! There is no shortage of delicious restaurants to try in Berlin, but we’ve made a special list of the best dinner spots for our digital nomads.

Cookies Cream – The Best Vegetarian Restaurant Berlin

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Parmesan dumplings with Perigord truffle stock – spinach, pine, chives.

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All presentation, no meat!

Here’s one of Berlin’s finest “underground” meat-free restaurants. Cookies Cream is a speakeasy-style restaurant offering refined vegan and vegetarian meals that are a delight for both your eyes and stomach. You will definitely be wow-ed once you visit the best vegetarian restaurant in Berlin, so don’t take our word for it: get there!

P.S. Even if you’re an adamant meat-eater, you’ll be pleased and surprised to see how creative and tasty vegetarian cuisine can be. If you are a vegan or veg, you’ll be surprised at how many vegetarian restaurants there are in Berlin!

Neni Berlin – Best Fusion Restaurant Berlin

Bringing together panoramic views and a creative fusion of cuisines, NENI Berlin is a culinary mosaic of German, Russian, Persian, Arabian, Moroccan, Israeli, Spanish, and Turkish influences. They couldn’t add another type of cuisine to their list if they wanted to! Taking fusion to the next level, this unique restaurant features a calming jungle-like atmosphere to offer one-of-a-kind food in a stunning setting. This is the most extensive and the best fusion restaurant in Berlin.

Best Food Delivery Application in Berlin

Foodora lets you enjoy the luxury of premium food delivery from a curated selection of restaurants in Berlin. Catering to B2C and B2B companies and individuals, the Foodora mobile app allows customers to browse restaurants near them, place their orders, and pay conveniently. Foodora was invented and launched in Berlin, so it’s not only the best food delivery application in Berlin but also the first!

digital nomad berlin
Foodora is quickly on its way to your coworking office.
Photographer: Kai Pilger | Source: Unsplash

Wi-Fi Speed in Berlin for Digital Nomads

The typical connection speed for Wifi in Berlin is 100 Mbps! There are no rural or disconnected areas of Berlin, so digital nomads won’t have difficulty finding high Wi-Fi speed in Berlin. Unless you are moving to Berlin, signing a lease and filling out bureaucratic forms, you won’t have to deal with finding your Wi-Fi. Just check out our top cafes and co-working spaces!

Digital Nomad Berlin Meetup: How to Tap into the Community 

Digital Nomads Berlin is a community of experienced and aspiring digital nomads that organizes regular meetings and get-togethers on the first Wednesday of every month, allowing them to learn from and cooperate. There are also countless networking events for digital nomads in Berlin, many of which you can see on the Meetup platform.

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