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The process

Nope! We don’t charge any upfront recruiting on contract fees. We’ll match you with a designer and set up a 45-minute call for you to get to know them - completely free. 

If things don't work out between you and your designer, we'll rematch right away.

We work with an AI that matches based on thousands of data points based on your requirements. 

Once you sign up and add your requirements, you'll get a short list of matches instantly. From there you'll be able to interview designers and choose the perfect match. 

All work product produced is owned by your company. For additional confidentiality agreements, we ask companies to provide their own non-disclosure, and our talent can sign it. 

Our Designers

Our designers are all over the world. Yet, if you'd like a designer closer to you - we can certainly help you with that. 
Designers typically work remotely, but we have also matched a few in-house positions.

Let your matcher know about this, and we'll do our best to find your perfect match. 

We can certainly help; please set up a call with us here to discuss your needs.

Yes. At Design Match, we do not scope projects. We supply the talent at the commitment level you would like (Quarter Time, Part Time or Full Time.)
Our flexible model allows you to work with the designer as long as you'd like. We can find designers interested in a longer-term engagement for your specific project to ensure they are available during your product development. 
In doing so, you are not committing to working with the designer for any specific time. You can stop or pause your engagement at any time. 


Our designers set their rates based on several factors, including specialty, years of experience, location, and more.

Designers start at around $45/hour, with the average being about $75/hour. We offer discounts if you decide to work with your designer for 20 hours or more per week.

See our pricing page for more detail. 

We bill weekly via credit card or direct debit.
Yes, inside your client portal, you'll have full control over your engagement. 

You can pause, stop or change the engagement type in an instant. 

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