How to Find an Amazing UX Designer: A Startup’s Secret Weapon #2

Hiring UX designers are crucial to a startups success. In this article we're going to outline how to find an amazing UX designer.

How to Hire an Amazing UX Designer: A Startup's Secret Weapon cover

UX designers are a startup’s secret weapon. The experience a user has on your website dictates if they will buy or come back to your site. Finding an amazing UX designer that not only has the skill set but also aligns with your company’s vision can be challenging. In this article we’re going to outline how you hire an amazing UX designer and supercharge your startup.

What is UX Design?

UX Design combines design, user research and psychology to create a more meaningful customer experience. The goal is to make the user’s journey as simple and understandable as possible by considering how they think rather than what we want them to do.

  • UX designers are responsible for defining personas, developing wireframes, testing prototypes with users and working closely with other departments to implement their designs.
  • UX design is a process not a job title, so the skillset and tools will change depending on what you’re designing for.

Hiring UX designers are crucial to a startup’s success.

UX Designers are crucial because they make your product engaging! The experience of using your website or app dictates whether someone buys your product, or comes back to your site.

The value of a great user experience

UX Designers are crucial because they make your product engaging! The experience of using your website or app dictates whether someone buys your product, or comes back to your site.

Design can account for up to 90% of the user experience.

UX designers are valuable part of the team as they direct impact the revenue of your product.

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CTO or UX Designer

Many founders immediately look for a technical parter as their first hire. They look to hire engineers to bring their vision into the world. Yet, this role is meant for a designer.

Startups can save tens of thousands of dollars by producing a prototype before making their first technical hire.

A prototype is a bridge between the idea and development.

What should I pay a UX Designer?

A UX Designer’s salary is dependent on their experience and what they specialize in.

Below are some ballpark figures for an experienced UX designer:

A junior UX designer is someone who may need some guidance. They are looking to grow with your company but might not have all the skills. Junior designers are an affordable option for budgets catering to startups.

You can expect to pay hourly rates between $60 – $85 per hour.

A mid-level UX designer is someone with some years of experience who needs less guidance.

You can expect to pay hourly rates closers to $115 per hour

A senior UX designer can take your vision and translate it into the world. They are quite good at user testing, building personas and optimizing the user journey for these personas.

A senior UX designer rate is around $150+ per hour.

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How to hire an amazing UX designer?

To hire an amazing UX designer, it’s important that they are aligned with your company values. Ask yourself: What am I trying to accomplish by building this product or service? Where does my company want to be in five years? What does the world need now?

There are a few different ways you can hire a UX designer

  • Referrals – Ask for referrals from people who have successfully hired talented UX designers in the past or talk with other founders and CEOs that know great talent. These referrals will often come pre-screened and with a recommendation that you hire them.
  • Recruitment Agencies – Recruiters are skilled in identifying talent and know the market well. They can find top UX designers for your company, but they cost money upfront to hire
  • Crowdsourcing Sites – These platforms offer an easier way for small startups to hire affordable talent.

Or you can hire in 3-5 days with Design Match. We match you with designers who are as excited about your startup as you are.

Final Thoughts

The average hiring process can take several weeks and multiple interviews. This is an expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes discouraging road to hiring the right UX designer for your company.

You’re not alone in this search! Many others like you want great talent but don’t have the means of attracting it because they can’t afford to hire a recruiter. Here’s a guide to writing a compelling UX design job description.

Design Match is the solution to hiring an amazing UX designer quickly, affordably and without any hassle!

The purpose of this blog post was to outline how we can hire an amazing UX designer for our startup with Design Match’s easy platform. We hope you have found this useful in your search for a talented UX designer! If you’re looking for information about working with branding as a startup, read here.

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