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Angi G

Product Designer

location BucharestRomania

Hourly Rate


/ hour

About Angi

User Interface Design

UI/UX Prototyping

Startup Oriented

Product Lead


Why Angi is your perfect match?

🎨 Style

Her style is very modern and clean - allowing the users to focus on their end goal.



Usability focused

Selected Works

💼 Experience


Imedia Plus Group

Design Manager/ Team Lead

2004 - Present

- Lead Team of Designers
- Work from ideation to product launch
- Build applications, websites and branding material



Graphic Designer

September 2007 - June 2009

- Created engaging visual graphics
- Work on internal and external projects

👌 Angi's perfect client

I love working directly with founders on small teams. My favourite feeling is when one of my clients applications starts converting more or attracts more users. I love working with founders who work collaboratively.