The 10 Best Motion Graphic Designer Portfolio Examples

If you're a designer in the mograph niche, you've got to make to make your work stand out. Take some inspiration from our favorite motion graphic designer portfolios and make your special talents sparkle. ✨

The 10 Best Motion Graphic Designer Portfolio Examples

Here we have the best motion graphic designer portfolio examples. There is no one-size-fits all way to create a motion graphic designer portfolio. You have to figure out what works best for your profile of work and the type of freelance jobs you want to attract.

Most essential elements of a designer’s portfolio

There are still some basic elements every freelance designer’s portfolio should have.

  • identifying factor
  • case study
  • evidence of your artistic style
  • something else, probably

Motion graphic designer portfolio examples

If you’re a creative, you probably learn by seeing, so let’s dive into the best motion graphic designer portfolio examples.


Cornelia Ryås

Cornelia Ryås is a Swedish motion graphic designer and animator based in Stockholm.

animation designer portfolio example

Her catchy animated squares aren’t just descriptions of her past work. They’re links to case studies, which help clients see your approach to work. With a solid understanding of a designer’s problem-solving process, clients can imagine similar results for themselves, leading them to hire you for freelance design jobs.

Sabrina Chaney

Sabrina Chaney is an animator and motion designer,

motion graphic designers portfolio examples

Taking the animated portfolio squares approach doesn’t always have to look the same. Designers are able to express consistency without only showcasing past work in a strict, unified style.

Don’t force your past work into a pigeonhole. Your personal artistic style won’t fit every project you work on and that’s okay. If you are versatile enough to satisfy clients in different industries, that’s a plus that you shouldn’t hide from.

Hannah Churn

Hannah Churn is an amazing motion graphic designer

motion graphic designers portfolio example

Hannah Churn’s portfolio is a wonderful example of a professional with many niches.

As an animator, it’s a fantastic hook to showcase your animation reel like she has with her first square. She also includes plenty of animation on her own motion graphic designer portfolio, so clients will know she’s a designer of her word!

Ana Maria Posada

Ana Maria Posada is a multimedia designer.

ana maria maria posada

While the main section of her portfolio does include a grid of squares, Ana Maria Posada’s homepage is much more enticing. Upon seeing her portfolio homepage, clients will immediately be impressed by the quality of work she’s done for herself!

Not only has she likely created her own logo, but she has also animated it. She has also animated an original animated graphic of herself playing guitar! Clients get a feel for her personality, which she shows is creative, motivated, and easygoing. Those are great qualities that give clients good reason to hire you based on your motion graphic design portfolio.

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