Our Talent

How do we find such great talent?

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We don’t recruit we inspire.

We’re built a network of passionate designers from all over the world. Our designers are eager to join startups they genuinely believe in.

We believe in holistic hiring.

We help you find the best designer for you. Resumes and portfolios are amazing but the best design for your startup is the one you can trust to translate your vision

Our Talent
Design Match

We create a great experience for both talent and startups.

Design Match
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Data driven profiles

Our profiles are data driven and quantifiable. This allows us to match you with a designer who works on a skill and interpersonal level.

Soft and hard skill testing.

All our designers are vetted. We ensure they not only have the hard skills but the communication, leadership and collaboration skills to join your team.

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What our designers believe in

Process Driven Workflows

Processes are at the heart of every project. Our designers will find the right process for you project.

Passion is an assest.

Our passion drives us to create amazing work. Working for causes we truly believe in inspires us.

Transparency and honesty.

We work as a team player. Always trying to do what's right for our clients. When they grow we grow.

Design Match
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Ready to find your perfect match?

What we believe in

Designers are the key to the future

We believe that by empowering more designers, we can design a better world. 

We’re designing a better tomorrow

Each time a project aligns with our passion we start to craft a better tomorrow.

Empowerment for creatives is vital

Empowering the people that design the world around us is our most important task. 

Is Design Match for you?

  • You're a founder or a creator

  • You’re building an impactful product

  • You’re happy to work with remote talent

  • You’re looking for a designer for at least one month

For small gigs (where you just need a hand.) We recommend checking freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fivverr or Dribbble.

What is the difference between Design Match and a marketplace?

Think your a good fit ?

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