Why Designers Are Important for Fintech Products: The Role of Emotions and Money

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Fintech, Money & Fear

The design of fintech products is integral to the overall user experience. As we all know, finances can be a scary thing for some people, and this fear is amplified when they're not in their comfort zone. This doesn't just apply to banking apps but also to other areas such as crowdfunding platforms and investment portfolios. Designers are pivotal in bridging this gap between emotions and money by creating products that feel safe for customers, which helps them get over the hump of what it means to invest or spend money online.

Fintech products often require a lot more thought than the average app because customers are much more sensitive about their money, so designing an intuitive experience for these people is key to creating a successful product.

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How much does a Fintech designer cost?



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How can a designer help my fintech solution stand out?

Designers are not only essential in creating amazing user experiences but also in creating memorable brands. For fintech products, design can make or break the success of your idea.

Your brand is one of the most important aspects to focus on when creating a new product because you only have one chance at making a first impression on customers. Customers will decide if they trust you with their money within seconds of visiting your landing page.

Designers also create user journies, personas and flow diagrams to ensure your end users are getting to their goals.

What is a Product Designer? Why Hire UX Designer for Your Startup

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Should I hire a UX Designer or a Product Designer?

We often recommend starting your company with a product designer as they are a bit more of a jack of all trades. Yet, if you are looking to improve and existing a product - a UX designer is a great match. They're amazing at paying attention to user flows and understand existing points of tension within your product.

We also recommend hiring your design before hiring your developers. This gives the designer sometime to set up the initial logic before the developers are involved. Having a designer map out the logic can save weeks in development time.

Why hiring a freelance is smarter

It's more cost effective to hire freelance designers because you only pay when they're working on your project. This helps with cash flow and cuts down on miscellaneous overhead that comes along with full -time employees.

Fintech companies are often on a tight schedule, so hiring freelance designers allows you to get started faster than if you were waiting on an in-house team to be available. This also ties into the cost effective benefit because it will save time and money when bringing your idea to life quickly.

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