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What is a UI Designer?

A User Interface (UI) designer is a person who creates the look and feel of an application or website. They are responsible for designing the layout, deciding what color schemes to use, choosing fonts, and determining how things will react when you click on them. The UI designer's role can vary depending on the company they work for- some start ups may only need someone with UI design skills while others might require marketing knowledge as well. This article will give you an idea of what a UI Designer does and offer you advice on hiring one for your startup!


How much does a UI designer cost?



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How can UI design help my startup stand out?

UI Designers help create a memorable brand experience for your customers and users. They ensure that your products and services are easy to use, attractive, and intuitive. For a startup company it can be difficult to compete with big brands in the market because they already have an established image- but UI design lets you create a brand from scratch!

What is a Product Designer? Why Hire UX Designer for Your Startup

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Need a different type of designer?

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A UI Designer focused on the visual elements of your product and how they relate to emotions and overall experience.

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Product Designer

Product designers are a great first hire. They’re a jack of all trades. Helping with UX and UI related tasks

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Fintech Designer

Hiring a designer who specializes in fintech allows you to create, grow or optimize your fintech startup without with ease.

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What kinds of companies should hire a UI designer?

UI designers help make all digital experiences easier- whether you're creating an educational application, a game, or even just your company's website. It doesn't matter if you are trying to create an interface for consumer products or internal applications- UI design is important in all areas!

Why hiring a freelance UI designer is smarter

Hiring a freelance UI designer allows you to save money and only pay for the help you need when it's needed. Freelance designers have more flexibility in their schedule.

Hiring freelance UI designers is typically 30% faster than hiring for permanent roles. Also for capital strapped companies or companies who want to make their runway last a little longer - freelance designers focus on the highest ROI part of your project.

If you want to find your perfect freelance designer, try Design Match. We match you with the designer that's perfect for your startup.

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For small gigs (where you just need a hand.) We recommend checking freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fivverr or Dribbble.

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