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The tradition way to deploy your project

  • Jan

    Initial Exploration

    Wading through vast amounts of data and opinions can lead to information saturation, making it tough to crystallize a product direction amidst conflicting insights.

    Research Overwhelm
  • Feb Mar

    Hiring Individual Talents

    The hassle of managing disparate contracts, inconsistent payment structures, extensive portfolio evaluations, and multiple interviews can eat into time better spent on strategy and vision.

    Admin Challenges
  • Apr May

    Project Kickoff

    Unforeseen expenses creeping in due to scope changes, project overruns, or hiring additional resources last-minute.

    Coordinating Chaos Unexpected Costs
  • Jun

    Execution & Management

    Experience gaps in areas like quality assurance or post-launch support. Face potential hurdles, with project risk of not meeting the set standards.

    Lack of End-to-End Support Delivery Risks

Full Managed Projects

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Continue Building

During the first week, we’ll scope out the project and you’ll be set to continue building

Studio Projects

Consulting & Design

RBC Stock Portfolio & Financial Literacy Hub

Designed for RBC, this robust Stock Portfolio Organizer offers a centralized dashboard for users to track, manage, and optimize their investments. By integrating real-time data visualization with actionable insights, it equips investors to make informed decisions with confidence.

Additionally, the accompanying Financial Literacy Centre serves as an educational cornerstone, demystifying the complexities of the financial world. Users can navigate through a plethora of resources, tutorials, and tools, ensuring they not only manage but also understand their wealth better.

Design & Engineering

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Academic Early Detection Software

Created in alignment with the goals of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this Procurement Software is a beacon in the realm of Academic Early Detection. With a user-centric design, the software simplifies the intricate processes of academic evaluations and interventions.

Educators and institutions are empowered with intuitive tools to identify potential academic challenges swiftly, providing timely assistance and resources. Its predictive analytics and customizable reports make it an indispensable tool for fostering academic success and excellence.

Design & Strategy
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Flashsport - Elevating the Sports Fan Experience

As a frontrunner in the sports analytics space, Flashsport's revamped platform, designed by Design Match Studio, is a testament to modern fan engagement. With a user base of over 52 million, the platform needed to be intuitive, engaging, and insightful. Our design delivers real-time game analytics, dynamic player statistics, and curated content in a seamless interface.

Competing with industry giants, this platform offers fans a holistic experience, from live match tracking to deep dives into sports trivia, ensuring they stay connected, informed, and entertained.

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What would a Fintech app, marketed to Gen-Z look like?

How can we evolve our brand to reach a more diverse market?

What would AI implementation look like in our organization?

How can I build a more patient sensors for healthcare?

How can we create tools to empower youth?

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