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We match you with a designer to help bring your product idea to life


The challenge for product creators

Without an engineering background, seeing a clear path to bringing your physical product design or product idea to life can be challenging. Whether it’s a piece of furniture, a robot or plans for your next home - having a designer who can lead and collaborate with you is vital. Often product creators are stuck putting the pieces together between coming up with the idea, understanding how it will work and finding materials and manufacturers to make it.

What if you could have a partnership through this process? A designer who leads and helps you translate your product vision or invention into a reality.


Why Design match is a great match for inventors

Design Match offers inventors the chance to be matched with a designer who understands the entire product development cycle. 


Weekly billing (no long term commitment)


Dedicated designer for their product


A designer with experience in their specific industry


Project management support from the Design Match team

So even if it’s you’re first time building your product, design match gives you the best chance of success.

Design Match is the most flexible solution for ambitious companies to hire amazing freelance designers with no-upfront costs or long-term commitment.

Example of how a designer can inventors

They can help you figure out ‘how it will work’

Working with a mechanical or industrial designer allows you to focus on the 'what' - while they figure out the how. 

What a designer can do

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    Build a prototype of your idea

  • Vector(13)

    Test different materials and electronics to find the best fit

  • Vector(13)

    Suggest product features and functionality based on industry standards

They can translate between you and the manufactures

Your designer can help source, negotiate and manage manufacturing relationships.

What a designer can do

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    Conduct a market analysis of similar products to understand competitive features

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    Create product differentiators within the material, form or manufacturing technique

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    Use best practice and cost-effective building an assembling methods

A designer can help you with physical product development

Creating physical products with a designer ensures your final product is manufacturing-ready.

What a designer can do

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    Help your develop your product idea further

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    Support you in physical product manufacturing

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    Find cost effective design and production solutions

How Design Match makes things easier

  • Need to pause, stop or scale up/down your engagement?

    No worries, we bill weekly, meaning you’re in full control of the engagement.

  • Don’t know anything about design, not even sure where to start?

    With our free async design consultation, we help guide you in the right direction.

  • I’m not sure if I'm ready to investment.

    All good; you can still get your free consultation and even get meet your designer before deciding to continue.

  • What if I want a new designer?

    We offer free replacements if you’re designer is not working out.

What clients have to say about working with Design Match


Design Match helped us find a product designer for our B2B marketplace! My matcher took the time to connect us personally with a product designer that had previously worked in a similar sector. They made sure that there was a fit in the experience and what we were looking for. Especially appreciated the thorough recommendation.

Toby L


I've had an amazing experience with Design Match!
My matcher is incredibly friendly, helpful and easy to communicate with. She matched me with a designer within a couple days and now three weeks later, I can safely say it's been a perfect match.

Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great designer!

Aleksandar D

Cardano Project

Design Match enabled us to get talented and experienced designers into our organisation quickly. They were all a great culture fit and made an impact almost immediately. I’d highly recommend Design Match for any business that needs to move quickly with quality. Thanks to the Design Match team!

Ian H


A refreshing and empowering experience! My matcher's deep industry knowledge was second to none and my first project was one that resonated on a deep, personal level. I was working with a newly funded education company empowering people of colour, working with world-class team on something that set my soul on fire. This is the reason I do what I do and Design Match was the first company that 'got it'.


Designer at Reconstruction

Is Design Match for you?

  • You're a founder or a creator

  • You’re building an impactful product

  • You’re happy to work with remote talent

  • You’re looking for a designer for at least one month

For small gigs (where you just need a hand.) We recommend checking freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fivverr or Dribbble.

What is the difference between Design Match and a marketplace?

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