A design portfolio is a collection of a designer‘s best work that showcases their skills and abilities. It is used to demonstrate a designer’s experience and style, as well as to attract new clients. A portfolio can be either physical or digital, and should be tailored to the specific needs of the client or employer.

When creating a design portfolio, it is important to only include your best work. Choose projects that show off your strengths and highlight the skills you want to showcase. Be sure to also include any relevant information about the project, such as the client’s goals, your process, and the final results. Organize your portfolio in a way that is easy to understand and navigate, so that potential employers can quickly find the information they are looking for.

If you are looking for a new design job, or hoping to attract new clients, having a strong portfolio is essential. By taking the time to create a well-rounded collection of your best work, you will be able to showcase your talents and set yourself apart from the competition.