Building or Improve your Ecommerce Shop

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For your Ecommerce store you'll need

UX/UI Designer

A UX/UI designer focuses on the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) of a product. They ensure the product is not only aesthetically pleasing (UI), but also intuitive and user-friendly (UX). Their work involves research, design, prototyping, and testing to optimize user interaction and satisfaction.

Webflow or Shopify Designer


Webflow or Shopify Designer: A Webflow or Shopify designer specializes in designing and building websites using Webflow or Shopify platforms. They utilize their understanding of design principles and platform-specific features to create visually appealing and functional online stores or websites that enhance user experience and drive conversions.

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Creating an Exceptional Ecommerce Shop

Establishing an ecommerce shop involves more than just setting up a website and listing products. It's about understanding customer needs, providing a seamless shopping experience, and delivering value through your offerings. Exceptional ecommerce shops are those that manage to offer a variety of quality products, easy navigation, secure transactions, and outstanding customer service.


An exceptional ecommerce shop stands out by combining an intuitive user interface, a wide range of products, a secure and seamless checkout process, and excellent customer service. From the conception of the shop's theme, to the product selection, and the customer journey design, every step is crucial in building a successful ecommerce shop. The principles of design thinking—empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing—are key to crafting an ecommerce shop that resonates with customers and drives sales.

Crating a Standout Ecom Brand


Crafting a standout e-commerce brand in today's saturated market requires a strategic blend of authenticity, differentiation, and customer-centricity. Begin by defining your unique value proposition (UVP) that clearly communicates how your brand solves customers' problems in a way no one else can. This involves understanding your target audience deeply, including their needs, desires, and pain points. Leverage this insight to tailor your messaging, design, and product offerings, ensuring they resonate on a personal level. Emphasize your brand's story and values through consistent, engaging content across all platforms to build emotional connections. Prioritize a seamless user experience, from an intuitive website design to hassle-free customer service, to foster loyalty and advocacy. Innovate continuously, not just in your products, but in your approach to sustainability, community engagement, and technology use, to stay relevant and competitive. Lastly, encourage customer feedback and use it to refine your offerings, showing your commitment to meeting their evolving needs. This approach not only distinguishes your brand but also cultivates a dedicated community of customers.

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Enhancing Your Ecommerce Shop: Collaborating with Specialists

Improving your ecommerce shop can greatly benefit from collaboration with various specialists. Web developers can ensure smooth operation of your shop, UX/UI designers can enhance its appearance and usability, and digital marketing experts can increase its visibility. Additionally, ecommerce consultants can offer valuable advice on strategies for growth and customer engagement.

Boosting Your Team's Capabilities with Design Match

In the process of developing an ecommerce shop, you may require additional resources or specific expertise at different stages. Design Match is a flexible platform designed to connect businesses with skilled professionals on demand.


Design Match gives you access to a range of specialists, from web developers to digital marketing experts. This allows you to add necessary resources to your team when needed, ensuring you have the right talent at all times. By integrating Design Match into your team building strategy, you can deliver an outstanding ecommerce shop and foster a culture of innovation and customer-centricity within your team.

Why hire your next product designer with Design Match

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Risk Management

We take care of international compliance, vetting, legal and financial components of hiring a designer. We provide a foundation for sustainable growth.

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Our weekly billing model allows your designs to work along side the growth of your startup. There are no longterm contracts at Design Match.

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Design Match is run by designers who not only help you find the perfect match, but can provide suggestions, tools and support along the way.

Got questions?
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Usually between 3-5 days but longer for designers with highly specialized skillsets and full-time placements.
Yes, you can interview candidates for free before deciding to move forward.
We bill weekly, so you can stop your engagement anytime, as we have no long-term contracts. We offer free replacements in the case it does not work out with a designer.
Some clients start with a two-week, quarter-time (10 hours a week) engagement period to ensure it's a good fit.
Yes. At Design Match, we do not scope projects. We supply the talent at the commitment level you would like (Quarter Time, Part Time or Full Time.)
Our flexible model allows you to work with the designer as long as you'd like. We can find designers interested in a longer-term engagement for your specific project to ensure they are available during your product development. 
In doing so, you are not committing to working with the designer for any specific time. You can stop or pause your engagement at any time. 
All work product produced is owned by your company. For additional confidentiality agreements, we ask companies to provide their own non-disclosure, and our talent can sign it.