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14+ Hacks to improve your design and grow you startup (even if you know nothing about design)

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Jeff Bezos, Founder, and CEO of Amazon, invested 100 times more into customer experience than advertising during the first year of Amazon.

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87% of design-mature companies attribute higher sales to their UX practice.

What’s inside?

AI Tools

Top AI tools to help you improve your design, sales and marketing in just a few clicks

MVP Hacks

Ship your MVP 6x faster (and cheaper) with our list of tools and hacks to go from ideation to development.

AI Tools

Tools and hacks to increase conversion, build custom ad audience on auto-pilot and have a robot write you blog posts.

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Free or low cost resources guaranteed to bring ROI.

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Great for both technical and non-technical founders.

All the tools you need to impliment

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Grow you startup the smart way

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    UX/UI Design Hacks

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    AI Hacks

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    Growth Hacks

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    MVP to Product

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    and so much more

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