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For your insurance product you'll need

Product Designer

A Product Designer for digital products is like your blueprint master. They design the look, feel, and flow of your app or website, making sure it's visually appealing, easy to navigate, and provides a smooth user experience.

UX Researcher


A UX Researcher is your user's advocate. They dig deep into how users interact with your digital product, studying their behaviors, needs, and motivations. Their insights help make your product more intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring it truly resonates with your audience.

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Creating Exceptional Insurance Tech Products

Insurance tech products, also known as InsurTech, have transformed the way insurance companies operate, bringing efficiency, innovation, and customer-centricity to the fore. These digital solutions span across functions such as claims management, underwriting, distribution, and customer service. Building an exceptional InsurTech product is a complex process that requires understanding the industry, identifying gaps, and leveraging technology to deliver user-friendly solutions.


An outstanding InsurTech product is one that simplifies complex insurance procedures and offers a seamless user experience. It's not just about embedding technology into insurance processes; it's about understanding the pain points of the end-user and designing solutions that address these. Following the principles of design thinking—empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing—is key to achieving a product that meets user needs and enhances their interaction with the insurance process.

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Enhancing Your InsurTech Product: Collaborating with Specialists

Improving your InsurTech product can benefit immensely from collaboration with various specialists. UX/UI designers can enhance the look and feel of your product, making it user-friendly and engaging. Data scientists can help analyze user data to inform product enhancements. Software developers ensure the product runs smoothly, while cybersecurity experts ensure it is secure and protects user data.

Fastest Growing Companies in the InsurTech Space

The insurtech sector is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by companies that are redefining the future of insurance with innovative technology and user-centric products. Among these, some organizations have recorded meteoric growth, attracting significant investment and attention. Central to their success is the emphasis on an exceptional user experience (UX), making insurance more accessible and tailor-made to the modern consumer's needs.


These companies have leveraged cutting-edge algorithms, comprehensive data analytics, and intuitive digital interfaces to provide personalized services and pricing models. Their growth trajectories are not just reshaping their balance sheets but also the very landscape of insurance, signaling a new era where technology meets personalized care. Following this introduction, we'll explore three of the fastest-growing stars in the insurtech sky.



Search Growth: 700% in 5 years, exploding
Founded: 2016
Location: London, United Kingdom
Funding: $281.7M, Series C
Specialty: Commercial car insurance
Offerings: Includes private car, scooter, courier van insurance; fleet coverage for corporate clients
Pricing Model: Usage-based

Kin Insurance

Search Growth: 408% in 5 years, exploding
Founded: 2016
Location: Chicago, IL
Funding: $443.2M, Series D
Specialty: Home insurance
Coverage: Natural disasters, including hurricanes, earthquakes in 4 US states
Platform: Customizable coverage using property data analytics



Search Growth: 1125% in 5 years, exploding
Founded: 2017
Location: London, United Kingdom
Funding: $134.8M, Debt Financing
Specialty: Car insurance
Innovation: Considers international driving records for competitive pricing
Milestone: Over 100,000 policies sold

Boosting Your Team's Capabilities with Design Match

In the journey of developing an InsurTech product, you may require additional resources or specific expertise. Design Match is a flexible platform designed to connect businesses with skilled specialists on demand.


Design Match provides access to a broad range of professionals, from UX/UI designers to cybersecurity experts. This allows you to augment your team as needed, ensuring you have the right talent for each stage of your project. By integrating Design Match into your hiring process, you can deliver top-quality work, driving innovation and fostering a culture of creativity within your team.

Why hire your next product designer with Design Match

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Risk Management

We take care of international compliance, vetting, legal and financial components of hiring a designer. We provide a foundation for sustainable growth.

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Our weekly billing model allows your designs to work along side the growth of your startup. There are no longterm contracts at Design Match.

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Design Match is run by designers who not only help you find the perfect match, but can provide suggestions, tools and support along the way.

Got questions?
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Usually between 3-5 days but longer for designers with highly specialized skillsets and full-time placements.
Yes, you can interview candidates for free before deciding to move forward.
We bill weekly, so you can stop your engagement anytime, as we have no long-term contracts. We offer free replacements in the case it does not work out with a designer.
Some clients start with a two-week, quarter-time (10 hours a week) engagement period to ensure it's a good fit.
Yes. At Design Match, we do not scope projects. We supply the talent at the commitment level you would like (Quarter Time, Part Time or Full Time.)
Our flexible model allows you to work with the designer as long as you'd like. We can find designers interested in a longer-term engagement for your specific project to ensure they are available during your product development. 
In doing so, you are not committing to working with the designer for any specific time. You can stop or pause your engagement at any time. 
All work product produced is owned by your company. For additional confidentiality agreements, we ask companies to provide their own non-disclosure, and our talent can sign it.