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Match your companies with designers who have done this before.

Start up designers, on-demand for you companies

Finding a designer can be hard. Especially if you’re not sure what to look for

Most of our founders are visionaries. They know what they want to build, and the experience they want their customers to have but have no idea what design elements go into creating that experience. Their search for a designer just ends up in scrolling through portfolios - feeling overwhelmed and unsure. 


Designer billing models were not made for #failfast

Finding product-market fit is not a linear journey. Existing billing models provide founders with little flexibility to pivot, optimize and fail fast. Agencies and independent contractors often charge per milestone, revision or item. Your founders need a designer as flexible as they are. 

If they can dream it
We’ll find them the perfect designer to build it.

Why partner with
Design Match?

Give you portfolio companies a competitive advantage. Customer-centric companies (like Apple, Nike, and Tesla) that have invested in innovative design outperformed the S&P 500 by 288% over the past decade.

Design hiring without the bureaucracy

Give you portfolio companies a competitive advantage. Customer-centric companies (like Apple, Nike, and Tesla) that have invested in innovative design outperformed the S&P 500 by 288% over the past decade.

Scale with creative talent who understands your industry

Work with a teammate who has experience in your industry and understands core challenges and opportunities that are unique to your space.

Save with a designer who produces measurable results

Design is more than a feeling, it’s strategic leadership. Design results should be measured and tracked with the same rigour as other core metrics like financial and traction.

Working with a data driven designer saves time, money and allows for profitable experimentation.

Our Trusted Program is FREE for accelerators, incubators and VCs

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We’ll meet your founders where they are

Custom slack channel for you company or #chohort

We’ll set up a custom slack portal for your portfolio companies or chorot. Giving them access to the best design talent on-demand.

Dedicated Design Matcher for your portfolio companies

Your deticated matcher will be your portfolios lifetime partner. Helping match your startups in days instead of weeks.

No long term commitments. No placement fees

Whether it’s for demo day or their first design hire. We’ll match your startups with no placement fees or long-term commitments.

Premium partnership

Designer in Residence

Your own design resident. This creative becomes the advisor that focuses on the portfolio company’s user experience, design and customer-centred activities.

Premium partnership

Cobranded Experience

Craft a unique experience for your portfolio companies with a cobranded portal and educational materials.

How Design Match works?


Step 1

Your companies tell us what they're working on

No sales call and no commitment. Let us know what you’re working on and how we can help.

Step 2

They'll match you with a perfect designer

Their personal matcher will analyze hundreds of profiles to find a passionate designer with experience in your startups industry or vertical.


Step 3

They can work with their match as long as they'd like

No longterm contracts or placement fees. No cost replacement. No surprised.

Design Match in 90 seconds

Design Match is the most flexible solution for ambitious companies to hire amazing freelance designers with no-upfront costs or long-term commitment.

What does Partnership look like

Trusted partner

Our trusted partnership program is complete free and open to VC firms, accelerators, incubators and consultancy firms. We also work with a select few service providers.


  • Designer in Residence

  • Slack Channel

  • On going support

  • On going support

  • Educational Material

100% Free


Premium Partner

Our premium partnership provides you portfolio with end to end support in product design.

Everything in our Trusted Partnership, plus:

  • Designer in Residence

  • Co-Branded Experience

  • Matching Priority

  • Discounted Rates

Quarterly Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

We run live remote and in-person workshops on design-related topics relevant to where your portfolio companies are.

For example, with our incubator partnerships, we often run workshops on conversion, on-boarding and branding.

For both our trusted and premium partnerships, we just as that you share Design Match as a hiring partner with your portfolio companies. 

For premium partnerships, there is a quarterly commitment. 

For trusted partnerships, we can launch in one week. For our premium partners it often takes between 2-4 weeks to launch. 

Give your startups an unfair advantage