color palette

A color palette is a set of colors used together in a design. It can be used to create a cohesive look, or to contrast different elements. A color palette can be created with any colors, but some general guidelines can help you get started.

Pick a main color

This will be the color that you use the most, and will be the foundation of your palette.

Choose accent colors

These colors will be used to add interest and contrast to your design.

Think about light and dark

A sound color palette will have a range of light and dark tones. This will allow you to create depth and interest in your design.

Consider analogous colors

Colors next to each other on the color wheel are called analogous colors. These colors can work well together in a color palette.

Look at complementary colors

Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. These colors can create a lot of contrast, so use them sparingly.

When you’re creating a color palette, it’s essential to consider the mood that you want to create. Colors can evoke different emotions, so choose ones that will complement the feeling you’re going for in your design.

Once you have your colors picked out, you can start playing around with different combinations. Experiment with different proportions of each color, and see what looks best to you. There’s no wrong way to create a color palette, so have fun and be creative!