flow diagram

A flow diagram is a graphical representation of a process or system. It shows the steps in the process or system and their relationships. Flow diagrams can be used to make a picture of how something works or to show how something is done.

Flow diagrams are often used in business to show how a process works or to document a process. They can also be used in engineering to show how a system works. Flow diagrams can be very simple, or they can be very complex.

There are many different types of flow diagrams. The most common type is the flowchart, which shows the steps in a process. Other types of flow diagrams include data flow diagrams, activity diagrams, and state diagrams.

Flow diagrams are a valuable tool for understanding a process or system. They can also be used to improve a process or system. Using a flow diagram, you can see where bottlenecks occur and find ways to eliminate them. Flow diagrams can also help you to see where improvements can be made.