Why is Design Important in the Cryptocurrency Market?

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Crypto and Product Design

As more cryptocurrencies and protocols are launching adoption often correlated with the trust generated by the brand as well as the accessibility of the user experience. There is a direct correlation between adoption and usability as many new crypto users do not understand the complexity of the blockchain and thus need to be guided by the user experience.

Design is a key factor in the crypto market. Crypto creators, entrepreneurs and investors should understand that usability means adoption which means growth for their cryptocurrency coin or application! The number of cryptocurrencies continues to grow as protocols move from proof-of-concept into full production systems.

Cryptocurrency Market

How much does a UX designer cost?



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How can a designer help my coin or application stand out?

Hiring a designer can help you create a distinct and memorable brand around your coin, application or protocol. When users feel connected to the mission of a company they are more likely to buy or use the product as they see themselves within the brand.

Move through the noise by getting matched with the best designer for your crypto startup.

What is a Product Designer? Why Hire UX Designer for Your Startup

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Need more than a designer for crypto?

UI designer

A UI designer focuses on the visual element of your product. A great hire to improve your product or grow you team.

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Product Designer

Product designers are a great first hire. They’re a jack of all trades and can help with everything from management to branding.

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Fintech Designer

Hiring a designer who specializes in fintech allows you to create, grow or optimize your fintech startup without with ease.

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Should I hire a product designer?

We recommend that crypto startups hire product designers to get started. Product designers are similar to a full stack develop, they're a jack of all trades and can help you with everything from project management to branding. Hiring a product designer ensure that the experience of the brand and the product will be aligned.

Why hiring a freelance product designer is smarter

Your company is evolving fast, so is the industry. Hiring a freelance designer allows you to get up and running faster with someone who just 'gets it." The relationship with a freelance designer is also more flexible and can evolve as your needs change.

Hiring a freelancer is up to 30% faster than a traditional employee. Also by hiring a full-time freelancer on design match you save up to 20% on hourly rates. Start the matching process today, it's risk free.

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For small gigs (where you just need a hand.) We recommend checking freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fivverr or Dribbble.

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