The Digital Nomad in Thailand Guide: Bangkok Edition [2024 Update]

Visiting as a tourist is very different from being a digital nomad in Thailand. Discover the details of Bangkok that will boost your freelance game and find your fun at the end of the work day. 🎑

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Bangkok has emerged as the hotspot for the digital nomad in Thailand in recent years. Thanks to the developing modern infrastructure, high-quality internet service, and multiple co-working spaces, the Thai capital is a postcard-perfect destination to build a sustainable online business. While our guide for the digital nomad in Thailand is sure to help your work, don’t forget to see everything that Bangkok and its surroundings offer – from temples to hiking to Thai food.

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Bangkok keeps a moderately warm climate that is comfortable enough to help you mentally relax after a tiring day at work. There are many beaches, bays and canals in the Bangkok area and its surroundings, so you’ll have plenty of tropical sights to explore. Much English is spoken here, so the digital nomad in Thailand won’t have to learn a whole new alphabet to communicate.

As for their culture, Thai people are notoriously friendly. Thailand is called “The Land of Smiles.” When it comes to their food, it’s incredibly healthy, enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients derived from the local forests and cooked to perfection. Meals usually cost around $2!

Why Bangkok is an excellent location for early-stage founders working remotely

If you’re an early-stage startup founder, Bangkok is a great location to set up your basecamp, thanks to its affordable living costs and excellent quality of life. The city also provides ample opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs and meet potential customers and partners.

Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so it’s no surprise that it’s also an excellent place for digital nomads. The city has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife, culture, food, and attractions. And, with its high-quality internet and modern infrastructure, it’s a perfect place to build a sustainable online business.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable, convenient, and fun place to live and work as a digital nomad, Bangkok is a perfect choice.

The Best Cafes to Work From in Bangkok

It’s a no-brainer why Bangkok makes an ultimate spot for the digital nomad in Thailand. Bangkok supports its thriving digital nomad community well, thanks to its highly affordable cost of living and excellent selection of cafes. So, which dreamy cafes are the best cafes to work from in Bangkok?

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Little Spoon Café – Best Internet Café in Bangkok

Cafés do not get any cozier than Little Spoon! Nestled on an uneventful street in Asoke, this café boasts pristine white walls complemented by comfy, wooden seating. Its aesthetic is fresh and free from distractions. The clean design is great for concentration, making Little Spoon the best internet café Bangkok has. The savoury brew elevates the work-friendly setting. Tasty brews promote the work-friendly set, including their signature mocha, mint latte and even an American-inspired vanilla float! 

Factory Coffee – The Best Coffee in Bangkok

This bright, airy café with floor-to-ceiling windows is homely and comfortable. Located beside the BTS Skytrain Station, Factory Coffee is an excellent place for those planning to finish their work checklist. They have many delicious brews to choose from as well as fresh smoothies on demand. They have coffee beans from around the world to brew the best coffee in Bangkok. What’s more? Smooth jazz soothes the digital nomad in Thailand as they get their tasks done while sipping java.

P.S. The café serves the best chocolate brownies in the town if you ever need a sweet break.

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The Top Coworking Spaces in Bangkok 

The coffee may be irresistibly delicious, but sometimes your work requires more focus than you can in a busy coffee shop. Not to fear! There are tons of coworking spaces in Bangkok for the digital nomad in Thailand. However you choose to work in Bangkok, you’re sure to find a breathtaking spot to get it done.

Draft Board – Modern Coworking Bangkok

Draft Board is a funky, modern workspace that offers natural light, panoramic views of the city and plenty of amenities for busy professionals. They boast giving freelancers 24/7 access via a fingerprint scanner, comfy shared seating and private meeting rooms, and a rejuvenating bar/lounge to help you unwind. Draft Board takes the top spot in our list of coworking Bangkok for providing a facility-rich environment for the digital nomad in Thailand.

A wall of windows lets in natural light all day!

KliqueDesk – Great for the Digital Nomad in Thailand

With high-tech amenities and highly customizable service options for individual needs, KliqueDesk is equipped for all your digital nomad needs. The bright and colourful coworking spot gives you cool vibes while you’ve got your geek mode on. From completely serviced day-desk rentals to fully-furnished office spaces, KliqueDesk offers an assortment of add-ons like storage services, IT support, bilingual receptionists, incoming mail handling, and even a dedicated phone line. Is there anything else the digital nomad in Thailand could need?

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The Best Bars in Bangkok for Going Out

Nightlife in Bangkok gives you a little bit of everything, whether it’s your bag or not. Rooftop bars, go-go clubs, karaoke spots, craft cocktail places…you name it, you can find it in Bangkok! It can be a little overwhelming to navigate, especially for the digital nomad in Thailand who is just trying to see one of the best bars in Bangkok for a quick drink after work. Lucky for you, finding an excellent place for a drink isn’t too hard.

Side-note: Bangkok has more than one red-light district, so make sure to pay attention to yourself in these areas, as they have higher rates of pick-pockets.

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Titanium Club and Ice Bar – Bangkok’s Coolest Bar

Come home to this frozen wonderland and savour an exquisite drink in temperatures of-10degrees Centigrade. Regarded as one of the finest ice bars in the town, Titanium offers cool drinks- literally to beat the Bangkok heat! And if you’re a vodka buff, you’d surely be impressed by their immense selection of drinks. The only thing to worry about at this Ice Bar Bangkok is whether you should order your drink on the rocks or not!

Nest Bar – Best Rooftop Bar Bangkok

A casual yet upscale rooftop bar in Bangkok with a relaxed vibe, Nest Bar is a great place to wind down while soaking up the panoramic views of the city. The unique, colourful seating coupled with lush green foliage adds to the beauty of the space. If the mugginess outside gets to you, you can catch your breath in the air-conditioned area inside the air-conditioned area room. Lastly, the drink menu is wide-ranging, and the food options include Thai specials and tapas.

Best Restaurants in Bangkok in 2019

Bangkok is a bustling city; anyone who’s been downtown for more than a second can see that! From the Night Bazaar to the enormous bar and club neighborhood, so many things are calling your attention; let one of them be one of the best restaurants in Bangkok! The digital nomad in Thailand will be spoiled for choice without sacrificing a chunk of change. Most dinner spots in Bangkok are cheap, so dig in and don’t worry!

Somboon Seafood – The Best Seafood in Bangkok

Love delectable treats from the ocean? Here’s a casual and cozy restaurant that offers no-fuss dining, emphasizing seafood. The bare-brick walls couple coupled with the sound of blues to create a relaxed atmosphere while you feast on your favourites like rock lobster with garlic, stir-fried prawns and ocean fresh combined with the sound of blues to create a simple, comfortable atmosphere while you eat your favourites like rock lobster with garlic, stir-fried prawns and fresh ocean oysters. There are plenty of Thai-influenced recipes, making this the best seafood Bangkok offers locals and digital nomads alike.

Street Food Bangkok – Cheap Eats in Bangkok

The street food culture in Bangkok is widespread and full of variety, with a different delicacy at each food stand. If this is your first stop in southeast Asia, you may feel hesitant, but let me tell you – there’s nothing to worry about! Look for street food vendors that have a few people already eating there! Watch out; the food may be spicy, but many Thai vendors will ensure you’re ready for their cheap eats in Bangkok!

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What’s the Best Bangkok SIM Card to Get?

DTAC, True Move, and AIS (or Advanced Info Service) are the three biggest network providers. These three companies provide more or less the same network coverage, with no clear winner. So, it’s wise to go with the cheapest option! AIS makes a “traveller SIM” card, especially for foreign people and the digital nomad in Thailand. This plan is available for 599 THB or $18, with the benefits of unlimited internet for 15 days, 6GB at maximum speed, and 100 THB call credit. The traveller plan is the best Bangkok SIM card for digital nomads.

Transportation in Bangkok: How to Get Around

Please make no mistake about it; the Thai capital is enormous. So, getting around by public transportation in Bangkok is the best way to move around the city. The elevated Skytrain, also known as BTS, is a great option to get around the newer parts of Bangkok, shopping centers, and the main river boat terminal. The trains frequently run from 6:00 in the morning till midnight. Fares vary from 16-44 THB to 140 THB for a one-day pass. 

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If you prefer, you can use a service like Grab in Bangkok. It’s the equivalent of Uber, which isn’t available in the Thai capital. If you choose to get into a brightly coloured taxi or tuk-tuk, make sure to map your route, as there are some not-so-honest drivers in Bangkok.

The Best Food Delivery App in Bangkok

FoodPanda is the best food delivery app Bangkok has. They have every type of restaurant listed and many available couriers to get your food as quickly as possible. The price of food delivery in Bangkok is also low, so you won’t have any reservations about getting take-out!

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The Average Monthly Price of Airbnb in Bangkok

One can rent out of private room in a house via Airbnb from $500 onwards. While it is a bit more expensive than other Thai cities, Thailand’s digital nomad must remember that Bangkok is the capital city! For a city with so many fun things to do, Airbnb in Bangkok’s price is quite fair.

Wifi in Bangkok – Internet Speed in Thailand

The average broadband speed in Bangkok is 40 Mbps. While not the fastest Wifi speed in the world, there are no complaints from digital nomads who use the Wifi in Bangkok. In addition, almost every restaurant and café in Bangkok offers free Wifi! Once you know how to protect your computer, feel free to sync up to these public connections and work from anywhere in Bangkok.

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