Hiring a UX Designer for your Startup

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Who are UX designers?

UX designers are creatives who designs user interfaces and experiences. A ux designers goal is to make the interface or experience as easy and efficient for users to complete their desired action, whether it be making a purchase, inquiring about your product, posting on social media - whatever they want. UX designers are responsible for getting them there. User experience designers help with wire framing, user testing, usability testing, interaction design for digital products. Note a freelance ux designer is different from a user interface designer

The ROI of hiring a great UX designer is incredibly high. Companies who have embraced UX design are seeing their ROI increase by 300% on average.


How much does a UX designer cost?



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How can UX design impact my revenue?

UX design directly impacts your bottom line. A huge impact UX has is decreasing customer acquisition costs by providing a better online experience for your product or service. A user experience designer can create more user-friendly flows and look at your overall user experience from a high level to align with your business goals. For example, if you have an e-commerce website with products that people are interested in buying but get lost when trying to make the purchase, your UX designer can totally change this.

UX is especially important in sensitive niches like Fintech, Healthtech and Security. Check out our hiring guide to help lock in your next UX Designer.

What is a Product Designer? Why Hire UX Designer for Your Startup

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Why hiring a freelance UX designer is smarter

We recommend for startups that they hire a UX designer after they've collected initial data from customer and are looking to improve conversion or overall customer experience. You can also hire a UX designer before you start building but we'd usually recommend a product designer at this stage as they can build the initial brand and experience.

Hiring a UX designer at the initial stages of product design is a great choice for companies who are working on experiences that don't current exist in the market. For example for voice driven startups - we recommend a UX designer as first hire. When there is no one in the market doing anything similar, you'll need a UX designer to set the path.

When working with a UX specialistic we recommend starting hiring a part-time freelancer, rather than a full-time employee. Many companies utilize UX talent for optimization projects, so we suggest going one project at a time. 

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For small gigs (where you just need a hand.) We recommend checking freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fivverr or Dribbble.

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