How to Write a Compelling UX Designer Job Description

Want to know the secret of hiring a top UX design talent? Read to learn how to create a UX designer job description that attracts top-rated talents.

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Crafting a compelling UX Designer job description is the key to finding top talent. Having a clear job description, highlighting specific user experience design roles and responsibilities is beneficial for you and your applicants. At the same time, a job description will help the applicant identify what they could get from working for you.

Overall, a UX designer job description is an integral part of the talent sourcing process. Knowing how to write compelling and clear job descriptions can help you filter the best from the average.

Hiring and finding good UX designers can be tricky. This article will discuss some of the best tips and tricks on writing a practical UX designer job description. After reading this blog, you will be able to write a seamless job description to find and hire top-rated talents!

What Is A UX Designer?

A UX designer or user experience designer is one of the most important members of your design team. These designers play a crucial role in shaping how users interact with your product and design by conducting user research and user testing. However, people are often confused about the difference between a UX and a UI designer.

A UX designer mapping out an application. Indicating the job responsibility is important in creating a UX designer job description.
UX Designer | Photographer: Alvaro Reyes

Since these two terms are often interchanges, people are bound to spiral in confusion. A UX designer (user experience designer) works with a team to create a user-centered design and ensure that the user has an optimal experience when using your product. They work closely with startup founders and other designers. Coordination is vital to give users what they want while meeting business goals.

On the other hand, a UI designer focuses on creating an interactive design to improve user experience. UI designers (user interface designers) or visual designers aim to make responsive designs, while UX designers aim to provide good product designs, including an excellent human-computer interaction.

Ultimately, UI occurs when a customer interacts or uses your product. UX or user experience is their reaction or emotion from using your product.

While both designers have their differences, they share the same goal. They strive to improve the overall design, including graphic design to satisfy users’ experience with the product. A satisfied customer will most like trust a brand.

Why Are UX Designers Important To Your Team?

Finding a UX designer (user experience designer) is crucial in building your design team as a startup. A UX designer will ensure that your product has an excellent user interface, which can make or break the success of any startup. Since this is an important role, hiring someone who knows project management well is paramount.

A good UX design should meet users’ needs and exceed their expectations. UX designs aim to create a positive user experience by providing ease of use and product design utility. Customers satisfied with your product are more likely to encourage other people to buy from you. This effect gives you a great free marketing opportunity.

User Experience varies for each customer. Because of this, it’s vital to hire a UX designer who can understand a customer’s needs and develop design ideas that can meet them. UX design is one part of the puzzle. However, this part plays a massive role in the success of your startup.

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How To Write An Effective UX Designer Job Description

Before writing your job description, imagine your ideal candidate. Remember that the best hire for your startup is not always the person with the most prominent companies listed on their resume. They’re a person who can mesh with the team, who can capture your vision, and who believes in the company’s mission.

“Your human talent is your most important talent.” – Carla Harris

When writing a UX designer job description, you must consider the user experience designer roles and responsibilities, including these key points:

UX Designer Job Requirements #1: Experience

The first thing designers will notice in the description is the experience field. You must identify what level of experience you are looking for in a UX designer. Most designers are career shifters. Oftentimes, daunting job descriptions prevent applicants from sending their applications.

When writing your job description, think about what skills and qualifications you want. If you’re looking for an experienced designer, you should include this in your report. It will help if you write an experience requirement positively and encouragingly.

It would help if you also outlined what kinds of tasks they’ll be doing day-to-day. They must know what you expect from them on a regular workday. Keep in mind that the best applicant is not always someone with a striking work background.

UX Designer Job Description #2: Company Overview

“It’s about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment & helping to find a way to innovate.” – Marissa Mayer

Including a brief company overview in your job description is also a best practice. A company overview gives the applicant an idea of what kind of work environment they will be working in every day. Applicants are also more likely to apply in a positive work environment.

Make sure that you highlight the benefits of working for your team and include the specific UX designer role you need. It will also help to list out some of your unique work cultures.

The UX designer will spend a lot of time working alongside others on your team. They’ll need to mesh with the designers, developers, and data scientists to impact their work. So when writing a job description, match them up with what you’re looking for in a talent.

UX Designer Job Description #3: Job Offer

Writing the job offer is probably an essential section of a UX designer’s job description. This section outlines what you’re offering and why they should choose to work for your team. This subpart of the job description lists the benefits, rates, and opportunities an applicant can experience in your company.

You need to ensure that they are appropriately compensated for their workload. In most cases, applicants are more attracted to benefits than the monthly wage. Other than creating a positive work environment, employees are more likely to stay if they are paid humanely.

When writing a UX designer job description, you should also think about your company’s mission and vision. You must also include how the role will benefit them and why this position would suit their career goals. Indicate in this section how it would help them if they choose to stay with your company for a long time.

How Do You Find A Top UX Designer?

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UX Designer | Photographer: Kelly Sikkema

There are many ways to find and hire excellent UX design talent. Now, fishing for talents is easier than ever. With a few taps on your keyboard, you can find endless Google search results for ‘UX Designers for hire.’

Here are some of a few known methods to find a top-rated UX Designer:

  • Referrals: Check with your friends and connections. Under your nose, there is frequently a fantastic designer.
  • Freelance sites: Use websites like Upwork or Guru to post an employment opportunity. These freelance hiring sites are fantastic for discovering excellent individuals. Still, it might take some time to go through hundreds of profiles.

On the downside, you can’t gauge a designer’s talent through these methods. It’s hard to rely only on friendly testaments. There are also instances when you and your designer don’t see eye to eye. Connecting with your talent is vital if you’re looking to hire them long-term.

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An effective UX designer job description increases your chances of hiring a top-rated talent. It’s crucial that you carefully outline what you are looking for in a UX design applicant. Scouring the internet for talents is a tedious job. However, when you find the perfect person for the job, all the long hours will be worth it.

On the other hand, you can skip this rigorous talent sourcing process with Design Match. With the help of Design Match, you can cut down your hiring process in half or even eliminate it.

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